Max Edwards - Personal Trainer

Happy, Fit, Firm, Strong and Slim – that’s what Max’s clients become. With fourteen years’ experience in the health and fitness sector and a lifetime dedication to everything wellbeing-related, Max is a personal trainer like no other.

Max believes in making sessions as effective and fun as possible taking care of the mind-body-spirit holistically. Max ensures your goals are achieved safely, swiftly, steering clients into the most positive state possible. In addition to being a health and fitness teaching professional Max is also an avid DJ and his group fitness classes and personal training sessions are often accompanied by his famous high-energy, uplifting music and optimistic spirit.

Specialities: Weight loss and toning, advanced core strength and stability, muscle gain, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, rehabilitation, nutrition, holistic mind-set, motivational coaching.

Qualifications: YMCA Level 3 Personal Training Qualification, Indoor Cycling Certification, Weight Loss & Fitness Nutrition Specialisation NASM, Core Stability CPD , Karate Instructor AMA and more.

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