Art exhibition by Paul Lemmon

My paintings are based on a combination of movie frames and images of people I know. I like to mix them up so that it’s hard to tell the difference, reflecting the blurring between reality and fantasy which is increasingly part of life and culture. The way I  arrange the composition plays an important part and by leaving out many of the facial features and identifying details the images become more general so that it’s possible to imagine yourself as part of the scene or even the central subject. Without the usual visual cues such as the eyes in an image, the viewer is lead back into the painting to explore its surface and light and is drawn into a much closer look. The unusual crop also conjures what could be described as a ‘snap-shot aesthetic ’– as though the image had happened by accident, captured in an unprepared moment.

To further instill the images with this sense of immediacy, I work with the canvas laid on the floor, applying the paint in a series of several rapid layers. It’s a very physical process and the splashes, drips and swipes that result help to convey the energy and movement I’m after.

I’ve been producing oil paintings for 15 years and have been fortunate to exhibit both in the UK and internationally. It’s always satisfying to be able to show work in an environment beyond the gallery space where it can be viewed at leisure with the time to absorb the imagery and marks. My hope is that in the relaxed atmosphere of the Chelsea Health Spa you’ll be transported by my work and perhaps cross the boundary into fantasy even just for a few moments.


You can find out more about Paul by visiting his website  or by emailing