A New & Exclusive Treatment | Eutony Clinic - Vitamin Drips & More

We are delighted to be working with Harley Street’s Eutony Clinic to provide a unique and preventative blend of Vitamin IV Drip treatments at Chelsea Health Club and Spa. This treatment hails from the US and has been around for some time, and we are now one of three centres in London to provide this effective product.

This is a fully licensed product and administered by qualified doctors, with amazing results that are quick and 100% safe. Ask our spa team for further details.


About the Eutony Clinic

The Eutony Clinic offers excellent clinical care supported by an innovative service. We combined our medical expertise with our passion to help patients reach optimal levels of health and vitality through our IV Vitamin therapy services and wellness programs.

Preventative medicine has become increasingly popular for individuals who want to take a proactive approach to their health and stay ahead of the medical curve. IV Vitamin therapy is the only delivery method that provides 100% bio availability, directly into the bloodstream while  bypassing the GI tract for instant benefits.

We are based in Harley Street and have clinics throughout London. Today the very name Harley Street has become a brand in itself evoking an image of world leading medical treatment in a private and professional setting.



VIP | £575
Original | £250
Hydration | £200
Energy | £250
Recovery | £250
Cosmetic | £250
Diet And Detox | £275
Athletic Performance | £250
Mood Support | £275
Libido Enhancer | £200
Aches And Pains | £300
Brain Health | £300
Boosterheal N°1 | £300
Boosterheal N°2 | £300
Chelation | £300
High Dose Vitamin C | £350
Lipo Booster Shot | £175
Energy Booster Shot | £200