Bowen is a non-invasive therapy that involves manipulating fascia, muscles, ligaments and nerves. It helps release held tension and stress in the body and mind.  The body returns to a ‘blueprint’ that it recognises as healthier and thus changes tend to be fast and lasting.  It reduces nerve ‘tone’ which has the effect of pain reduction.  It helps bring balance to the different systems in the body as it stimulates the healing response in a graceful and often profoundly relaxing technique.

Having been practicing the technique since 2005 and having taught across London and Europe, Michael is recognised as one of the UK’s leading practitioners of Bowen Therapy. Featured in Women’s Fitness, Grazia, Refinery29, Telegraph, London Magazine, Fabric and Queens Magazine, he is a licensed Bowtech Tutor & Practitioner and part of Bowen Training UK, the only UK school to offer the full range of Bowen Procedures.


Experienced in sports related injury and postural issues and rehabilitation including complicated and chronic auto-immune conditions as well as more common back/neck pain and spinal issues, Michael works with a lot of pre- and post-natal issues as well as with digestive, respiratory problems and headaches.  He has a wide knowledge of natural remedies that help speed your recovery.


The treatment will look at the whole story and can often result in life changing shifts in your overall health and perspective. He has a reputation for his ability to read client’s conditions and for bringing about fast results. Expect a calm experience, intense relaxation and an education. You will be amazed at the Benefits of the Bowen Technique.


Michael runs workshops teaching the Original Bowen Technique to GPs, Physicians and other medical professionals. For details please visit