TRX Rip Training

TRX Rip Training, developed by the same team that brought us the industry-changing TRX training system, is a brilliantly simple yet highly effective training method that focuses on building functional strength. There is no formal training or pre-required level of fitness needed, making this a perfect class to get you started on group studio exercises.


Using a TRX staff that is connected to a bungee cord, our instructor will lead you through a variety of exercises designed to build functional strength. This means that there will be no heavy weights used, and the focus will be placed on giving you a full-body workout that can help reach those muscle groups that ordinary training can miss.


The exercises rely on the elasticity of the bungee cord to provide resistance. The key is to ensure that you perform each movement repetition with accuracy and control, rather than racing to finish each set. Exercises can vary from squats to chest presses and even floor based exercises, with your core being key to the controlled movements required. Expect to see improved tone and definition in your abs and chest as part of this workout.


With space for up to 8 people, this small class size ensures that each attendee receives personal attention from our expert instructors. For more information, speak to a member of our fitness team. Alternatively, give it a go by booking onto the next available class- you can find this on the Studio Timetable.