MIHA Bodytec

MIHA Bodytec

Welcome to the revolutionary way to work out that promises maximum gains in a fraction of the time.

MIHA Bodytec enables you to condense an average week of strength and conditioning training in to just 30 minutes.


What is MIHA BodyTec?

The Electrical Muscle Simulation (EMS) unit stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously, while individual sections can be trained and stimulated more or less powerfully, depending on daily form and intensity. The idea is to stimulate each major muscle group, using basic movements in a more effective way to enhance strength and muscle mass.

What are the benefits?

Unlike conventional EMS training devices, the MIHA Bodytec stimulates agonist and antagonist muscle groups simultaneously. All muscle groups are kept on course by their individual programme, and raining and application can be performed while lying down passively or in an active manner. There are no limits to intensity and extent.

The results are visible and tangible quickly, body fat and weight are reduced, while muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increased, body shape and problem zones tightened, and general well-being and mobility improved.

Free time is a luxury. Too much of a luxury to spend it on strenuous, time-consuming and ineffective training sessions. The MIHA Bodytec system is the perfect solution for those with little time, with just 10 to 30 minutes per training session being enough to achieve tangible results in just a few weeks.

Here’s what one of our own Chelsea Health Club members has to say…

“I am an athlete whose excessive training left me with various injuries that doctors recommended surgery to fix, including a herniated disk, hip replacement and arthroscopy in the knee. As a last resort I started using the MIHA Bodytech EMS machine to see if I could build up the muscles to ease the pain and put off the hip replacement in particular. The results were even better than expected. Not only did the MIHA Bodytech machine and exercise ease the pain, I no longer walk with a limp and am now hopeful that I will not need any surgeries in the near future. Also, I noticed a major change in the cellulite and fatty tissue that was accumulating on my thighs, buttocks, stomach, arms and back! My arms look great, I noticed a big difference in pictures! This machine is truly amazing, whether it’s for rehabilitation purposes or to zap the fat, it works!”

Book now to receive your first session free.

Email your details to our Gym Manager Jake ( and we will schedule you in for a first session.


Each session lasts 30 minutes (including 10 minutes for preparation and set-up). Members can enjoy a free first session, after which the prices are as below:

1 session: £35
11 sessions: £350
23 sessions: £700
48 sessions: £1400

Non-member prices:
1 session: £80
5 sessions: £360 (save £40)
11 sessions: £800 (save £80)
23 sessions: £1600 (save £240)
48 sessions: £3200 (save £640)