Neil Johnson - Fitness Manager

Neil’s formal training started at the London Studio Centre where he received a diploma in performing arts. He has been teaching for many years in the fitness industry and draws on his training as a dancer and choreographer, where he has worked professionally for 15 years in various theatrical and TV productions including: Cats, Chicago, My Fair Lady, Oklahoma and Fame, as well as working with pop artists such as East 17, Take That and Boyzone. He has taught fitness and dance all over the world to a diverse range of clients including celebrities and sports professionals.

As co-director of the Body Technology Pilates Studio London, he incorporated his experience of dance and personal training into structuring pilates sessions based around functional movement, incorporating Dance, Pilates, and more purposeful Personal Training. The ethos was to practice movement that would be used on a day to day basis, rather than movement that would solely be useful in the gym with equipment

A keen advocate on integrating cardio, strength, flexibility and balance into training, Neil’s insights into pilates and personal training has seen him developing innovative programmes as the education director for Torq-King Functional Fitness. Previously employed as the Senior Personal Trainer at the Chelsea Club, he introduced a dedicated Pilates studio to the club along with a Torq-King Studio class.

Neil did his Pilates training with Polestar and Personal Training with YMCA. He is a strong believer in marrying the disciplines from Pilates and personal training together, stating: ‘One cannot and should not work without the other!’

His expertise, energy, and enthusiasm will further integrate our pilates, fitness and wellbeing initiatives.

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