Nesryne Berkani – Chartered Physiotherapist


Nesryne has developed valuable skills in sport physiotherapy through various experiences in first division and national teams in Basketball, Rugby, Futsal and Handball. Coming from a sporting background herself, including Taekwondo and Acrobatics, she loves treating the active sporting population.


She is also specialized in Women’s health. Nesryne has a keen interest in supporting women through different and challenging phases of their life, by helping them face any issues and difficulties that they may encounter along the way. She takes into account the specificity of the female anatomy and physiology, by focusing on pelvic floor and abdominal functionality, which can benefit all ages and profiles, including the athlete population. Regarding pre and post-natal treatments, her main goal is to keep her patient active and pain free during pregnancy, preparing for labour and getting back in shape after the delivery.


In addition to her main areas of interest, Nesryne also treats any other type of conditions that require physiotherapy. She also teaches Pilates on mat or apparatus, adapting it to the patient’s needs.

As Joseph Pilates said : “A man is as young as his spinal column.“

Therefore, she uses his method for different pathologies and always takes posture into account. She places the emphasis on regaining the full potential of the body’s ability to move, as she considers that mobility and movement quality are the keys to a healthy body.


She speaks English, French and Spanish.


Specialities: Sport & Musculoskeletal injuries / Post-surgery / Pelvic floor rehabilitation (Urine incontinence, Organ descent (prolapse), Painful intercourse, etc.) / Pre & Post Natal / Pelvic & Coccyx Pain / Abdominal rehabilitation (diastasis) / Back Pain / Clinical Pilates.



For more information, or to make a booking, please email or contact her at 07523517552.