Read the latest blog from our personal trainer Jason on staying healthy during lockdown

During this strange and rather demanding time we all find ourselves in, it is important that we look after ourselves not only from a physical perspective but also mentally.


Here are my top 5 tips to staying physically and mentally fit during lockdown:


  1. Set a daily or weekly goal

Having a plan or goal doesn’t have to be about achieving big targets like redecorating the kitchen or getting that promotion at work. You can set goals as simple as making a healthy breakfast each morning or video calling a friend that you haven’t spoken to for a while.

We are all facing our own unique daily challenges, and something as small as a text or a call could change someone’s day for the better, as well as helping you feel connected! Your goals could also focus on things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t had the time, for example that online workout or course you’ve been meaning to do – which brings me nicely on to number 2….


  1. Use your time productively

Now, we all enjoy a day off with the latest Netflix series or whiling away the hours with a good book, but is this going help you achieve long term goals? I didn’t think so!


A more productive way to use your time would be to start that online course or learn that language you’ve been thinking about forever. Now is the time guys! I truly believe no matter how successful we are in life there is always room to learn more. Just imagine coming back to the Club having started your own business or learned a new language, or maybe you’ve even learned to bake! There are thousands of opportunities for us out there so let’s take advantage of this extra time to explore them.


  1. Take time for yourself

This one is very important, especially if you are in a house or apartment with others. As I currently sit here writing this with my Italian in-laws, my wife and our 6-week-old son, I know that things can get tricky! We all have to work together to spend time together as a family, but also find time to work, train, and speak to friends and family further afield. We manage this by taking an hour during the day to read, go for a walk or workout. It takes teamwork to carve out that time during the day, but it’s worth it!



  1. Physical exercise

Ok so here it is – the big one! Although government guidelines allow one session of daily exercise outside of the house, there are thousands of online classes we can do at home! We are lucky enough to have access to a whole library of free workouts, from YouTube to Facebook – you can even see your favourite trainers on the Chelsea Health Club Facebook page working out – you should check it out!


Or if you need a bit more motivation and a personalised plan, get in touch with your favourite Chelsea Club trainer to schedule a virtual personal training session from your living room!


You could also, if you have it, use any outside space to play with your children; how many of us normally work 40+ hours a week and are too tired to enjoy our families? Physical activity could even be as simple as doing the housework or the gardening to keep you moving.


  1. Relationships

As I mentioned earlier, family and friends are ultimately the people we rely on when things get tough. I try to look at this difficult situation from a more positive perspective. As I mentioned before, my wife and I recently had a baby boy and I feel lucky that I am getting to see him grow every day. I get to see him laugh and smile (and the meltdowns and 3am nappy changes), but they are all moments I could miss if I was at work.


I also find myself seeing more of friends, where normally work, family or other commitments make face-to-face meetings difficult. Take advantage of technology to have friends round (virtually) for a pizza night, pub quiz night or dinner party to stay connected.


In conclusion, I think in these unprecedented times we all have to make the best of our own situation. We will all face different challenges as we go, but try and stop, have a look around at what we have and what we can achieve and appreciate the small things, the things we take for granted, and enjoy them, because before you know it we will all be back to life in the fast lane!


Stay safe,

Jason Pearce