Read the latest blog post highlighting the benefits of trying new online classes at home

Unfortunately, although pubs and restaurants can reopen from tomorrow, we’re still awaiting government guidance on a reopening date for the Health Club. Rest assured we are planning and updating all of our procedures to get you back safely as soon as we receive the go-ahead. Luckily, we are still able to offer a variety of classes online – so even though you might be heading out for a few drinks and meals with friends, you can continue to work off those delicious desserts from the comfort of your home!


Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our selection available – we’ve tried to provide a variety of classes for all abilities. You can also combine a virtual workout with a run, walk or stretch at home. Having a multi-disciplined approach to training has been proven to bring a more well balanced and positive impact to your health, both physically and mentally. The stress release obtained from a combination of holistic and higher intensity training methods can help you achieve better overall fitness long term. Our stretching classes will also hugely benefit everyone in the household and can be a fun exercise to do together.


We have deliberately added a variety of classes online for you to try new disciplines. It’s always exciting to learn something new and can keep you motivated to keep working out, even as the summer months stretch ahead. You might even come back to us a Pilates expert!


All the workouts we provide have been created to cater to your home environment with minimal or no equipment needed. They range from body weight workouts or floor work using nothing more than a mat. Those who have equipment can intensify their workouts by using resistance bands, small weights, a Pilates ball or other home equipment.


Each of our workouts are around thirty minutes long, so it is the perfect amount of time to break away from your laptop if you’re working from home. They can easily fit into your day, so no excuses!


There are many advantages to exercising at home but ensure that you know your limits and listen to your body if you need to rest. There are no gym staff with you at home to help correct technique or posture. We therefore advise you remember to breathe, centre yourself, really try to ‘feel’ each movement and go at your own pace. If you need any guidance, please contact


We do highly recommend taking advantage of your home workouts. You can really go at your own pace and freely push boundaries at a tempo that suits you.


Stay safe and keep active,


Chelsea Health Club