Achieve your ideal, healthy and toned body with minimal time spent at the gym using MIHA Bodytec.


While quick fixes are often a short-term solution, the innovative EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) technology makes it possible to achieve your fitness goals, and a body that is tight, firm and toned.

Currently one of the best-kept celebrity secrets, EMS technology is also used to supplement the training of high-performance athletes to rapidly increase strength and endurance.

Promising maximum gain in a fraction of the time, we’ve taken a look at the top benefits of MIHA Bodytec training.

Stimulates deep muscle groups simultaneously

To enhance strength and muscle mass, the EMS unit stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously, meaning individual sections can be trained and stimulated more or less powerfully. This allows you to vary intensity depending on daily form.

Immediate benefits

Members profit immediately from the electrifying advantages because all physical performance is increased. The success is visible and tangible quickly, fat content and weight are reduced, but muscles are gently formed, strength and endurance increased, body shape and problem zones tightened, and general well-being and mobility improved.

Aid recovery

For athletes or those training at a high level, injury is a common issue. The MIHA Bodytec EMS unit allows you to re-build muscle and ease pain to aid with recovery in a safe and effective way.

Weight loss

For those looking to lose weight and tone up, EMS training allows you to lose centimetres, whilst attacking fat deposits. Increased muscle activity also means you’ll burn more calories in everyday life as your energy consumption increases.

To maximise time and efficacy in your training session, the MIHA Bodytec system offers the ideal solution, with training sessions of 30 minutes yielding tangible results in just a few weeks.

A MIHA Bodytec specialist is an expert in EMS and is on hand at the Health Club to help members focus on muscle tone and development, as well as body fat reduction.

Email your details to our Gym Manager and we will schedule you in for a first session. Once you’ve experienced Bodytec training, our fitness team will help you to work out the ideal training course to suit your routine.


Member prices:

1 session: £40
10 sessions: £400 (plus training kit/x1 free sessions)
23 sessions: £800 (x3 free sessions)


Non-Member prices:

1 session: £80
10 sessions: £800 (plus training kit/x1 free sessions)
23 sessions: £1600 (x3 free sessions)