Max Edwards - Wellness Coach & Operations Manager

Hi, I’m Max and my Wellness Coaching practice is based at The Chelsea Health Club & Spa.

I am a great believer in journeying inwards to transform from the inside out and I bring this philosophy to my Intuitive Fitness Coaching approach. My passion lies in helping people achieve a happy, healthy and relaxed mind, body and spirit, and this method is the vehicle I use to achieve that.

What is Intuitive Fitness Coaching?

Intuitive Fitness Coaching is a simple discipline of functional movements that elicits improved mobility, deeper relaxation, quality sleep, and regenerative health. It achieves this by teaching you specific stretches, movements, breathing and mindfulness techniques that generate energy currents throughout the body and release harmful tensions.

As well as getting you in great physical shape, Max’s coaching method shows you how to interpret your body signals to reduce Allostatic Load (impact of cumulative chronic life stress on the body) and create positive mind-body habits.

Need help to relax and reduce stress and tensions form the body? Want to sleep better? Improve your mobility and strength using only the body in a natural way? Then book a free consultation with Max and learn more about his approach. Find him in the health club office, on the gym floor, email him at or speak with reception.

How Does it Work?

Our posture, movement patterns, strength levels, tensions, and flexibility all precisely communicate what emotional and mental state we are in. Any illness or pain is the body’s way of saying that something needs attention. Max can coach you to use this autonomic awareness to create physical and lifestyle changes that nurture wellbeing of both mind and body.

Max’s Intuitive Fitness Coaching sessions will help your body to not only release harmful tensions, but also to feel invigorated, calm and get a great nights sleep. This method of movements relaxes the nervous system, ease aches and pains, balances immune function and tunes you into your body to chart a map back to great health.

And it isn’t just about fixing problems. Intuitive Fitness Coaching is fun, playful and ideal for those who are new to exercise, in post-rehabilitation, or are seasoned fitness lovers. Everybody is a potential expert of their own body and Max coaches you into becoming just that. Your body becomes both your teacher and its own gym, which keeps physical activity sustainable for life. This method empowers each person to develop positive mental, emotional and body habits to bring forth inner and outer strength.

How is Intuitive Fitness Different to Other Approaches?

Intuitive Fitness Coaching uses only the body, mind and emotions to ‘feel’ the movements and physical activities rather than relying on external equipment. It integrates well-established and proven disciplines like functional movement, yoga, T’ai Chi, breathing techniques, martial arts and mindfulness.

Unlike regular gym programmes that can leave you tense and tired, Intuitive Fitness Coaching increases your energy, flexibility, mobility, muscle and bone strength, while reducing allostatic load. You master the body rather than the dumbbell.

Max’s Background

I have always loved anything and everything to do with body movement and health, which is why I’ve worked in the wellness sector for nearly twenty years. Up until my mid-30s, I was a chronic, often obsessive, over-exerciser. Weight training, calisthenics, yoga, long-distance running, cycling, Karate, you name it — I was doing it incessantly. Sometimes I did ten or more intense, prolonged sessions per week combined with cycling to commute, teaching fitness classes, working full time, and leading a very hedonistic life. My personal training and wellness coaching career was pretty much written into my DNA.

Over time, I developed chronic pains, muscles imbalances and tensions, misaligned vertebra, inflexibility, sensory numbness, fatigue, vestibular problems. But thankfully, my body woke me up, revealed masked ailments and harmful unconscious habits. In time, I learned that by continually resolving corrosive mental and emotional habits, treating myself intuitively with more compassion and doing restorative physical activities, the underlying health problems were eased. So I set about mending my broken body and mind, piece by piece. I developed optimal mind-body habits that worked best for me and built them into my life routine. My health improved dramatically.

At college and university, I majored in psychology, literature and history and loved reading and research, so I studied as much as I could about the mind-body link and was hooked on how thoughts and emotions affect all aspects of health. I started to notice physical-mental patterns in my clients, friends, family, acquaintances, and other people’s experiences that I read about.

Inspired by clinical psychologist, Peter Levine’s ‘Somatic Experiencing’ approach, Bessel van der Kolk, in his book on trauma The Body Keeps The Score, Caroline Myss’s Anatomy of the Spirit, Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life, and spiritual teachings, I have lovingly integrated these into my passion for coaching. Using body sensations to release trauma, trapped energy and emotions is a fascinating phenomena that has transformed thousands of people’s lives. And so I have taken all of this knowledge, experience, decades of study, and everything I have learned from clients as a physical trainer and created the Intuitive Fitness Coaching method.

To book a free consultation with Max and learn more about his approach, find him in the club office, email him at or speak with reception.