Karun Chanat - Personal Trainer

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Karun Chanat – Personal Trainer


Hi, my name is Kay Chanat, I have been at the club for the past 6 years and have progressed up from an apprentice fitness instructor to a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer. I have been working 1-1 with clients for 4 years now.

I focus on helping clients achieve and exceed their goals, whether that is to get stronger, lose weight or have a healthier lifestyle while having fun doing it.

My approach isn’t just about how hard clients physically work. It’s also about shifting their mindset, getting them into healthier habits, moving more and understanding that lifting weights or putting the joints under load in a safe and effective manner is beneficial for the long-term health of the body.

This year I will complete my Sports Massage Level 3 course. This qualification will upgrade me to a Specialist Trainer and will allow me to better aid clients’ recovery and help with pre- and post- workout massages or just working on tight areas from day-to-day stress. Who doesn’t enjoy a massage after a long day or a tough session in the gym?

Pet gym peeve: People leaving their weights around and not tidying them away.

Fun fact: I love taking and editing photos and videos. Here is my favourite photo:


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