Introducing Michael Patrick, specialist in Bowen therapy

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Bowen therapy is a gentle hands-on treatment which is extremely relaxing. Using light touch, the therapist makes precise movements over muscles, ligaments and nerves. These movements generate signals via the body’s autonomic nervous system, which in turn help the body to begin its own natural healing processes. Bowen therapy is gentle enough to be used on new injuries, even over swollen tissue. It is also extremely effective at treating long-term problems, where other kinds of treatment have failed, for instance long-term frozen shoulder, sciatica or chronic back problems.

Bowen helps improve overall body function, posture and general health. It can also restore lost vitality and mental ability by removing the effects of a stressful lifestyle. Bowen helps the body absorb and distribute nutrients more effectively. Through lymphatic drainage, it helps the body eliminate toxins and regain its ideal hormonal and metabolic balance. In this way it can also be very helpful for those who are trying to lose weight or improve their digestive health. Bowen can be an ideal complement to gym activity. By releasing restrictions in the fascia and muscle tissue Bowen is the ideal way to not only improve your performance but also prevent injury.

About Michael

Michael Patrick is one of London’s leading Bowen therapists and is the Director of Bowen Therapy UK. He trained with the world’s leading authorities on Bowen Therapy, Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, who named the technique and first presented it to the world. Michael is now a teacher of Bowen himself. One of only two Bowtech tutors in London.  Experienced in working with professional athletes from many fields as well as with pregnancy and more complex chronic and autoimmune conditions.