The Chelsea Health Club & Spa features one of the finest and cleanest swimming pools in a private health club in London. The pool is 25m long and 10m wide, ozone-treated and maintained at a constant temperature of 29°c.


Pool classes

Sculpt your entire body with minimal impact on your joints. Water resistance aqua classes offer a low-impact and endurance-building workout.

Sauna & Steam

Warmth works wonders. Soothe tired muscles, detox and relax in our sauna and steam baths, available in both the male and female changing rooms.

Plunge Pool

Brace yourself for cold-water immersion, popular among professional athletes, it has been reported to reduce muscle inflammation and pain after exercise, as well as reducing recovery time.


More than just a lap counter, SWIMTAG is a motivational tool, encouraging you to reach your goals. With each use, you have the ability to view accurate data online, allowing you to tweak your technique and work on any weaknesses in your stroke.

Get involved
Simply speak to reception or a member of the fitness team for a detailed introduction on how to make the most of SWIMTAG’s unique technology.