Tanya Wyatt - Studio Instructor; Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach



About Tanya

Do you want to be stronger, more toned and physically resilient? Let me help you.

Through my many years of experience and research, there’s no doubt that strength training (whether using bodyweight or external resistance) is the best form of exercise one can do. It’s how you’ll change your body shape, remain strong for everyday movement, offset poor posture, and stay younger. In fact, the health benefits alone are extraordinary. But I can also help with your goals around fitness, flexibility or mobility, if that’s where your need lies.

My individual approach to physical training means that your progress is steady, with a focus on efficiency. I abide by the scientific principles that govern training so that every move you make and every step you take is a move towards achieving your goals.

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Do you want to become a leaner, healthier, happier, more energetic you? I can help.

Through my unique approach you’ll find an informative, motivating and non-punitive perspective on leanness, health and energy. Together we’ll give your body exactly what it needs to be at its peak again. Let me guide and support you on your unique journey to discover – through movement, nourishment and mindset – how to look, feel and think your best.

Whether you’ve a health issue, high stress levels, challenging hormones, a history of yo-yo dieting, or have other issues holding you back, if you want your best body ever – in looks, health, and energy – you’re at the right place.

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