Tanya Wyatt - Studio Instructor; Exercise, Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach


Tanya deals with every aspect of health and weight through her work as an exercise, nutrition & lifestyle coach. She is a published international health author and is a health presenter in the private, corporate and school environments.

Tanya loves working with people who want to change. Helping clients achieve their physical goals is what she lives for (well, that and cheesecake). Want to change your body shape, have better posture, get leaner, or improve your strength? You’ve come to the right place…

Exercise Specialities: fat loss, muscle toning, posture improvement, female-specific training, and 40+ generation training 

Nutrition & Lifestyle Specialities: health, fat loss, energy improvement, eating disorders, children’s health

Why you can trust Tanya

Tanya taught dance and fitness classes in Cape Town, South Africa for many years. Then – while writing two internationally-released health and fitness books – moved to London to study further in the field of holistic lifestyle coaching. She’s written for fitness magazines like Men’s Health and Shape (serving on their advisory board), as well as for newspaper publications in SA. She’s designed and written educational material for SA fitness education providers, and helped design industry standards for the South African National Qualifications Framework. She has worked extensively with corporates and schools and has been in private practice for 27 years.