Holistic Classes

Over 70 holistic studio classes a week, in the heart of Fulham

High Intensity Classes

Maximise your workout


Time Table 2022

Fitness Classes

Inspiring and motivating, our active studio timetable offers a variety of classes that make fitness fun.

Holistic Classes

Clear your mind and enjoy a relaxing practice with our variety of holistic classes.

From Hatha Yoga, to Combo Ballet Barre and Pilates, our holistic programme of classes help to increase flexibility and core strength, while aiding with injury rehabilitation.

High Intensity Classes

Our high intensity classes are designed to optimise fat burning and maximise your workout efforts.

High intensity classes are ideal for those looking to lose weight, tone, build strength, and improve overall cardiovascular fitness.

pool classes

Whether you are looking for a low impact workout or want to improve your swimming technique, our aqua classes will deliver.

Our o-zone treated swimming pool is 25m long and 10m wide, and maintained at a constant temperature of 29°c. This means it’s less harsh on your skin and hair, as well as safe for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Functional Conditioning

Using state-of-the-art fitness equipment, our functional conditioning classes offer all kinds of training modalities and are suitable for all levels of fitness.

Functional strength and conditioning training focuses on adapting exercises to allow you to perform activities like lifting, holding, pushing, pulling, throwing, walking and reaching more easily and without pain.

MIHA Bodytec

MIHA Bodytec enables you to condense an average week of strength and conditioning training in to just 30 minutes, using an Electrical Muscle Simulation unit.

The EMS unit stimulates the whole muscular system simultaneously to achieve results quickly, and can help to reduce body fat, strengthen muscles and improve mobility.